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The Franklin Scholarships

Innovation requires education...

In order to innovate, invent, design, create, one must possess a base of knowledge; a point of reference from which to create a workable idea. That is why The Franklin Foundation offers scholarships. Our scholarships encourage recipients to achieve, to gain as much knowledge as possible in the pursuit of their career in the sciences, mathematics, or technology.


Students in all scholarship categories are chosen for their exemplary academic records and achievements in the sciences, technology, and mathematics.


The Franklin Foundation provides the following scholarship opportunities for qualified candidates:


Undergraduate Scholarships

Provides funding for future scientists, technologists, and mathematicians to help pay for college.


Graduate Scholarships

Provides funding for students entering a graduate science, math, or technology program as an enhancement to their current undergraduate education.


Scholarships for Educators

Because innovation starts with education, The Franklin Foundation provides scholarships for grade school educators to further their education in order to provide a higher quality education to tomorrow's innovators.










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